The Work


Ultimate Silhouettplasty Guidebook
Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger, Breast Implant Center
of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI

The Challenge

Educate patients on Dr. Schlesinger’s proprietary Ultimate Silhouettplasty Surgery and its benefits over traditional tummy tuck surgery. Increase brand awareness of the surgery’s trade name and the “differences” in choosing Dr. Schlesinger & the Breast Implant Center of Hawaii.

The Solution

After a fact-gathering, 2-hour weekend interview with Dr. Schlesinger, Pinpoint designed and wrote a 40+ page guidebook that will be offered as a digital download. The digital guide has links to video assets on YouTube, links to Instagram, Facebook, RealSelf, and review sites, plus direct 2-way email contact with the practice (video assets produced by our video partner, Longtin Media Group). In addition, the guide will be printed to use as a post-consult tool to deepen patient engagement and trust.

The Result

This guidebook is in the final rounds of production as we speak! If it’s anything like Dr. Schlesinger’s Breast Guide, it will be a huge hit. Dr. Larry’s Breast Guide is in it’s 4th round of printing and has been in use in the practice for two years, with over 2,000 copies distributed.

Excerpts from The Ultimate Silhouettplasty™ Guidebook

The digital guide has live links and complete interactivity

Including links to review sites…

and a vast YouTube video Library.

Patients receive in-depth education to set this practice apart

Video stories and results are shared


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