The Work


Plastic Surgery Practice | Barrington, IL

This project was completed in partnership
and under contract with Strategic Edge
Partners for Dr. Renee Burke.

The Challenge

Create a take-home piece to remind patients of the CoolSculpting event they had just attended. Provide a promotional certificate to redeem for a limited time following the event.

The Solution

A promotional product that tied into the CoolSculpting experience was selected–a reusable freezer gel pack. The gel pack was custom printed with the practice logo and body sculpting tagline. The gel packs were inserted into a gift box and certificates with a timely call to action were included.

The Result

Patients loved the gift and the event was successful in closing CoolSculpting treatments. The practice ordered additional supplies of this promotional product to have on hand for post-consultations as well.

Overall Presentation

Close Up Detail

Call to Action Card Inserts

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