Loyalty Programs

Go ahead. Try to leave this guy. We dare ya…

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all formed unbreakable bonds like we do with our four-legged friends? He would never leave you, nor you him. It can be that way with customers too! You just have to work at it. We can help.

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Successful businesses have fiercely loyal customers.

Loyal customers spend more, refer more, review more, adopt more, and visit you more often.
A well executed loyalty program combined with ongoing, personalized, “loyalty experience” marketing, can help to
solidify your bond with customers and build more loyal fans for your business.

of consumers want to do business with brands that offer loyalty programs.

of women say they would REFER a friend to a loyalty program that they participate in.

SUCCESS: $1,00,000+
The REVENUE of one of our most successful programs generated for a practice in 18 months.

The average amount sales can INCREASE across service lines with a successful patient loyalty program!


Loyalty Expertise

Pinpoint helps practices & businesses launch wildly successful loyalty programs. We strategize with you to map out a customized program that meets the needs of your client personas and then we design ALL the sexy sales materials you’ll need to promote the program. We can also help you with longterm marketing to keep your loyalty experience alive, fresh, and relevant for the long-haul. Here’s a few examples of the types of programs we can help you build.

Point-Based Programs

Point-based programs are a great way to ease customers into a VIP program without them having to outlay cash. As they display loyal behaviors, they are rewarded with points they can redeem for services.

Buy-In Programs

Buy-in programs typically set 2 – 4 levels at which a customers can participate. A modest upfront annual fee is charged at each level. The larger the upfront fee, the more benefits they receive.

Pre-paid Card Programs

With a pre-paid card program, there are typically 2 – 4 levels at which a customer can participate. They prepay their annual spend, and the higher the commitment level, the greater the benefits.

Monthly Membership Programs

Monthly membership programs offer a flat monthly fee for a fixed set or services, with a contract term. In addition, members typically receive VIP savings off additional services and other member perks.

Loyalty Program Deliverables

  • Program Structure / Strategic Development
  • Program Naming & Logo Treatment
  • Program Card & Packaging Design
  • Program Brochure / Collateral
  • Marketing Support Materials (Print & Digital)
  • Web Landing Page Design
  • Social Media Launch Assets
  • Email Launch Assets
  • Launch Event Planning & Marketing Materials
  • Staff Training Support Materials
  • Staff Sales Tools
  • Ongoing Member “Experience Marketing” Support
  • Membership Renewal & Recall Campaigns

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Exclusive for patientNOW customers.

Pinpoint offers semi-custom and fully-custom loyalty programs for patientNOW customers that maximize the benefits of patientNOW’s new Membership Module. Our staff is trained to utilize the marketing tools within patientNOW Pathways to make your customer’s loyalty experience more relevant and engaging. Learn about our special pricing packages for patientNOW customers.

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