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Who do we collaborate with the best?

Over the past 20 years, there aren’t many industries we haven’t worked with, but the following business types are in our wheelhouse, and can be considered niches for our boutique agency.

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Private Practices

Spanning more than two decades, the principles at Pinpoint have worked with hundreds of private practices across the United States and Canada.

A good majority of these practices are in the aesthetic space, including plastic surgeons, dermatologists, ENTs, and aesthetic medical spas. However, we have also worked in chiropractic, radiology, dentistry, orthopedics, and many other specialties.

We have a deep understanding of business-to-patient (B2P) marketing and what it takes in today’s environment to attract, convert, grow loyalty, and build a raving fan base —all while paying allegiance to your authentic brand.

Private Practice clients

Healthcare corp clients

Healthcare Corporations

The corporations that sell into the medical space are a special love of our agency. We’ve worked with some highly recognized brands such as Philips Medical Systems, patientNOW, MDPen, and eMerit. We are actively seeking to grow this list!

Our extensive work with practices and patients makes our skill set highly attractive for medical device and product manufacturers who must arm their “after sales” teams with campaigns and marketing materials to ensure successful implementation and ROI for their customers.

Our understanding of how to strategize and execute complex, multi-channel communication campaigns makes us an excellent parter for developing your practice training initiatives.


Pinpoint is located in the great Pacific Northwest, in Boeing’s backyard. We got our start in the non-profit space 15 years ago, when we were hired as the agency-of-record for one of our region’s most successful non-profit organizations, Skills, Inc. Pinpoint still works with Skills today, and they have grown to become one of our regions most respected, relevant, and technologically advanced aerospace manufacturers AND national leaders in inclusive employment.

Our work with Skills has lead to many “word-of-mouth” opportunities to partner with other non-profit organizations in our region, and we always find the work humbling, rewarding, and enlightening.

Nonprofit clients

Other Agency clients

Other Agencies

Pinpoint does white label work for other agencies, especially in the aesthetic medical space, and we find the work rewarding, as well as an opportunity to bring the best of two worlds together. We have a skill set that most digital and website agencies are not staffed to service, including brand-building, event promotion, and patient loyalty marketing. And yet, these disciplines are highly necessary in order for practices to fully thrive. Conversely, the web/digital agency is privy to data, insight, and measurement tools that help fuel and inform targeted campaigns. It’s the right and left brain coming together! And when the two work in partnership, magic can happen.

We are often brought in as creative consultants to provide high level creative strategy and execution on projects that are not in a digital agency’s wheel-house, and most importantly, we have complete discretion and a highly ethical track record of handling agency work in a way that serves both the agency and the client in the very best light.

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