Woman looking at e-blast on phone

The anatomy of a well-designed e-mail campaign

According to a recent study by VentureBeat, e-mail marketing still continues to enjoy the highest ROI of all marketing channels available. It is estimated that for every $1 spent, an e-blast generates an average of $44 in return. One in five businesses show an estimated ROI of over 70:1.

However, it is conversely true that if you don’t design your campaigns for engagement and conversion, you will most certainly miss out on your goal of generating more clicks, more sales, more word-of-mouth, and more revenue. Continue reading “The anatomy of a well-designed e-mail campaign”

Creating event themes to grow buzz, attendance, and social sharing…

5 Examples and 10 Theme-building Tips from our Event Experts…

Themes can certainly add panache to events, but they aren’t just for show. There’s great power behind a well-though-out event theme. Here’s five reasons why: Continue reading “Creating event themes to grow buzz, attendance, and social sharing…”

Bishop Curry delivering sermon Royal Wedding

Spreading the love, and other royal, “loyal” causes…

I was one of the estimated 29 million viewers in the United States who rolled out of bed to watch the royal wedding at 3:00am last Saturday morning.

By all accounts, it was a history-making event—filled with “fascinators” and delightful touches one wouldn’t expect from a traditional, aristocratic, Anglican service set on the most “royal” of stages. Continue reading “Spreading the love, and other royal, “loyal” causes…”