Top 10 Patient Loyalty Program “Don’ts.”

Pinpoint explores some of the most common pitfalls in loyalty program design so you can plot a course toward a successful customer loyalty initiative in your practice.

Follow these simple guidelines to sidestep landmines and ensure you start out on the right foot from the very beginning.

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The Vegas Cosmetic Show Through the Eyes of a Newcomer

By Hailey Vileta
Designer & Promotional Products Coordinator

It’s fitting that my first aesthetic industry show would happen under the bright lights of Vegas at the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery (VCS) show. As a FIDM graduate and visual designer, there was MUCH to appreciate and plenty of design eye candy!

Pinpoint attended VCS this year as guests and subject matter experts on loyalty marketing in the patientNOW booth. It was our honor to support the launch of their new subscription, membership, and loyalty module as they launched the release of their cloud-based software platform. Continue reading “The Vegas Cosmetic Show Through the Eyes of a Newcomer”

Woman looking at e-blast on phone

The anatomy of a well-designed e-mail campaign

According to a recent study by VentureBeat, e-mail marketing still continues to enjoy the highest ROI of all marketing channels available. It is estimated that for every $1 spent, an e-blast generates an average of $44 in return. One in five businesses show an estimated ROI of over 70:1.

However, it is conversely true that if you don’t design your campaigns for engagement and conversion, you will most certainly miss out on your goal of generating more clicks, more sales, more word-of-mouth, and more revenue. Continue reading “The anatomy of a well-designed e-mail campaign”

Creating event themes to grow buzz, attendance, and social sharing…

5 Examples and 10 Theme-building Tips from our Event Experts…

Themes can certainly add panache to events, but they aren’t just for show. There’s great power behind a well-though-out event theme. Here’s five reasons why: Continue reading “Creating event themes to grow buzz, attendance, and social sharing…”

Bishop Curry delivering sermon Royal Wedding

Spreading the love, and other royal, “loyal” causes…

I was one of the estimated 29 million viewers in the United States who rolled out of bed to watch the royal wedding at 3:00am last Saturday morning.

By all accounts, it was a history-making event—filled with “fascinators” and delightful touches one wouldn’t expect from a traditional, aristocratic, Anglican service set on the most “royal” of stages. Continue reading “Spreading the love, and other royal, “loyal” causes…”