The Work


Plastic Surgery Practice,  Marina Del Rey, CA

This project was completed in partnership
and under contract with Strategic Edge
Partners for Dr. Grant Stevens.

The Challenge

Create a dynamic patient loyalty program for one of the largest practices in the U.S. Create the program to reduce individualized discounting in exchange for a set schedule of attractive pricing when a patient prepaid for their services. Leverage the personality/popularity of Dr. Steven’s long-time practice director and patient advocate, “Charlie.”

The Solution

The Charlie Card was created with an attractive tiered program offering three different levels of prepayment and incremental savings value at each increasing tier.

The Result

Well over a $1,000,000 in revenue has been directly attributed to the Charlie Card in it’s first 18 months in use.

Final Charlie Card Creative

Preliminary Card & Packaging Design Options

Program Brochure

Launch Poster & Table Tent

VIP Certificates

Tiered Card Levels

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