The Work


The Bucky Breast Guide
Dr. Louis P. Bucky, PA

The Challenge

Educate and inform patients about Breast Augmentation Surgery options with Dr. Louis P. Bucky. Increase brand awareness and highlight “patient experience differences” about choosing to have surgery with Dr. Bucky.

The Solution

Pinpoint designed and co-wrote this 16-page guidebook to be offered as a digital download and post consultation tool. The digital guide has links to video assets, YouTube, Facebook, and other social properties. In addition, we produced a print version of the guide for hand out.

The Result

This guidebook has been in use in Dr. Bucky’s practice for over five years. It’s in it’s third round of publication and has become a cornerstone piece in closing breast augmentation surgery for the practice.

Excerpts from The Bucky Breast Augmentation Guide

The Digital guide builds Dr. Bucky’s credibility

Content helps patients make informed decisions…

Live links navigate to B&A gallery and social media

Patients are educated on their options

Frequently asked questions are answered

Calls to action increase conversions

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