The Work

CONTENT & EDUCATION: Breast Guidebook

Dr. Craig Jonov / The Gallery of Cosmetic
Surgery / Lynnwood, WA

The Challenge

Create an interactive piece of content to drive breast augmentation surgery close rates, nurture patient trust, increase brand awareness, and convey the unique “differences” in selecting Dr. Jonov and The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery for a breast enhancement procedure.

The Solution

Strategize, design, and write an interactive and comprehensive digital breast guide. Include in-depth patient education content, testimonial videos, before and after results, and social media links with a friendly, approachable, and welcoming tone.

The Result

This customized piece of content has become a valuable component of the breast aug nurturing process at The Gallery. It’s used post-consult as a “differentiator.” The use of testimonial videos is especially impactful for this guide. Developed by our strategic media partner, Jennifer Longtin of Longtin Media Group, these videos have enjoyed thousands of views on YouTube.

Excerpts from The Gallery Guidebook

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