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Pinpoint has built a reputation of being highly effective, efficient, easy to work with, AND easy-going. We are structured to be nimble and lightening-fast to meet your needs. We bring the right experience to the table for your marketing challenges, whether it be through full-time staff or strategically forged partnerships.

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Tamara (Tami) Vileta-Wells

President, Creative Director

After 30+ years as a creative director, art director, and writer, Tami Vileta-Wells is as passionate about strategic marketing and design as the day she started in the mail room of Jack Nadal, Inc. — back in 1988.

Tami’s work in agencies has earned creative awards and accolades, but her biggest gratification still comes from helping clients “knock it out of the park” to achieve their goals. Tami places the highest priority on building enduring customer relationships. Many of Pinpoint’s clients have been with the agency for well over a decade. Building a deep-seeded culture of unmatched client care is paramount to her.

In recent years, Tami as been a popular national speaker and guest writer on the subjects of customer loyalty, branding, event promotion, and email marketing. In her personal life, she loves hiking with her husband, competing in USTA league tennis, traveling the globe, and cooking massive meals large enough to feed a small army.

Tami Vileta-Wells

M: 206.427.3241
T: @tami_vileta
Lin: Tami Vileta

Janae Grove

M: 206.719.1134

Janae Grove

Senior Email Marketing Specialist

To define Janae as an email marketing specialist is an understatement. Janae brings 10+ years of expertise to the table at Pinpoint with passion, fierce “mama-bear” client service instincts, and fanatical organization skills—in addition to mastery of nearly every email delivery platform known to mankind. She is, quite literally, on a first name basis with the folks at Constant Contact, and has been their “source of inspiration” (or “pain”—depending on how you look at it) for implementing at least six new product upgrades in 2017 alone. To Janae, fighting for improvements in email software platforms is a “win” for everyone. She CARES deeply about customers and what they get out of their email marketing efforts.

In her personal life, Janae is a self proclaimed Crazy Cat Lady. She is the proud owner of 8 Persian and exotic shorthair cats (to date), runs a highly ethical breeding business, and attends shows with her champion team up and down the west coast. She also loves spending time with her “high-school-sweetheart-now-husband-of-13-years” and their two beautiful kiddos.

Hailey Vileta

Team Designer & Promotional Product Guru

Hailey Vileta joined the Pinpoint team in early 2016, fresh from receiving a degree in Visual Communications from F.I.D.M. — the internationally acclaimed, LA-based design & fashion academy.

Hailey enjoys perfecting her skills as a designer at Pinpoint, and looks forward to becoming more involved in the breadth of design projects we deliver. She has also developed a keen interest helping our clients with their promotional product needs. (A no-brainer, really! Why wouldn’t a professional shopper want to shop for her clients as well?) Hailey currently manages ALL of Pinpoint’s promotional product research, artwork placement, pricing, ordering, vendor management, and shipment tracking for our S.W.A.G. customers.

In her “spare time,” Hailey is pursuing a secondary BA degree at the University of Washington — studying Media & Communications.

Hailey Vileta

M: 206.715.7685


Sonny “Nugget” Wells

Never visit a pet rescue center in a weak moment if you don’t expect to come out with a four-legged friend for life! Such was the case with Sonny—a short-term, 8-week resident of Southern California, who came home with Tami under the seat of a Southwest Airlines flight to grow up in the splendor of the Pacific Northwest.

Today, Sonny excels in his role at Pinpoint as our “first” canine hire (but definitely not the last). He enjoys honing his skills at howling during conference calls, snatching bits of Hailey’s lunch, terrorizing the UPS man, and rocking his ever-growing collection of professional bow ties.

Zekie “Little @!%#?” Wells

Continuing on with the rescue tradition, Zekie came to Pinpoint after his “Christmas-time Puppy” adoption from Forgotten Dogs Rescue.

When a canine candidate uses the words “exuberant & outgoing,” “mischievous,” and “expert chewer” on their resume, be warned that they could potentially cause some ruffles in the work environment. Zekie is the main reason why we almost had to hire an HR Director! Sonny had some early on difficulties with his new co-worker, and the expansion of our Canine Division in general. Now that THAT has been all cleared up, Zekie has settled into his day-to-day roles. Zekie takes great pride and satisfaction in his Pinpoint responsibilities, which include: swiftly killing all toys, eating peanut butter (and Birkenstocks), and grooming Sonny so he can look and feel his very best.


Extended Strategic Team.

Pinpoint’s extended team includes a curated list of local and regional designers and writers whom we partner with,
depending on client needs and project scope. In addition to this growing talent pool, Pinpoint has forged
strategic partnerships with trusted industry providers to supplement a larger scope of services.

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